Same-sex engagement & wedding stationery – gap in the market?

Since 29th March 2014, same-sex or gay marriages are now legal in England and Wales which is great news for a number of gay couples who wish to marry. Same sex marriage is also legal in Scotland since February 2014. Hurrah!

This is also good news for a number of wedding suppliers and venues across the country with a potential increase in same-sex wedding enquires and bookings, and not forgetting a much needed push for the leisure and hospitality industry and the British economy.

After doing a brief search on Google on same-sex wedding stationery, it strikes me that there isn’t much choice available for this market yet, unless you really love the Gay Pride Rainbow Icon with childish fonts (for example Comic Sans argh!) and juvinile illustrations.

I know that not every gay couple will appriciate this type of engagement and/or wedding card and would prefer a lovingly design, hand made quality cards you can obtain from smaller gift shops and craft markets. But I haven’t seen any (in Cardiff). Please comment below if you have seen any elsewhere!

The likes of or haven’t got a dedicated section on their website for same-sex engagement or wedding cards yet (when checked in late March). The only other option would be to select one of the fully customised templates and adding the couples’ names and photo.

The only online retailer where I’ve seen smart (but could be better) same sex cards are on Marks & Spencers Personalised Card. I ordered a Mr & Mr personalised engagement card from Marks & Spencers for a gay couple just recently and they loved the card.

So I am asking this question: If you are gay and currently researching stationery design for your wedding, is there enough choice available or would you like to see a dedicated / bespoke design service?

Or if you know a gay couple who recently got engaged or have been invited to attending a same-sex wedding, is there enough choice in greeting cards and gifts?


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