Step one – new kit!

A quick blog tonight, only because I’ve overdosed on tea and about to slip into a sugar coma after eating the last slice of my husband’s birthday cake.

Today’s exciting news is my iMac has been dispatched and it will arrive in the next few days! It’s going to be like Christmas but 8 months early!

Before I set up my new iMac though, I need to start thinking about finishing off decorating my future office/studio, get a desk and a chair, maybe a shelving unit or two and get everything in place. Then, my journey can properly start.

Oh, and negotiate the cost of Creative Cloud with Adobe, download some fonts, sort out iTunes, back up all of my photos, change my desktop picture a few times, tweak the brand name and identity a bit, take silly photos on Photobooth – all the things you do when you buy a new Apple Mac!

Exciting times!

Before I sign off for the night, here’s today’s interesting read from Huffington Post:

“How To Build A Business From Your Bedroom”

My first thought was ‘Ha! I could start five business in each bedroom’ but that would be silly. One bedroom is already a B&B for my parents so that’s one business already keeping me busy on a ad-hoc basis.

But my serious thought to myself was this – ‘New entrepreneurs need to start somewhere, where it would be their spare bedroom, attic, kitchen, garage or basement’.

I am very lucky that the previous owner of our lovely house converted the attic into two bedrooms so I’ve got the space ready if it MB|LD (Manylion Bach | Little Details Design) becomes a success.

Before then, I have a few more things to embrace, tackle and overcome.


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