IKEA hack – KLINGSBO Greenhouse

This is the first post where I’ll go off topic and share with you a recent home improvements or arts & crafts project.

I can’t restrict myself to one speciality or craft. I like graphic design as it’s a ‘clean’ job and but I also like getting my hands busy, occasionally dirty and leave a trail of mess behind me.

So, one of my first projects this year was to have a small greenhouse but on a small budget. I did some research on what small green house/ cold frames that are available and I couldn’t get over the prices! I wasn’t willing to spend £200+ on a little greenhouse or £10 on a weak, makeshift frame covered with a plastic frame. I needed something sturdy, preferably with glass panels, but on a small budget. I didn’t want to spend too much money on this as I might not become successful in growing anything or keeping any plant alive.

I nearly gave up on my search for my perfect greenhouse when I stumbled across IKEA Hacking – changing the purpose or revamping a piece of furniture from IKEA. Just do a search in Google or Pinterest in ‘IKEA Hack’ and you’ll be amazed what people (mostly Americans) have done with IKEA furniture.

There wasn’t any greenhouses there but it got me thinking – ‘What can I hack from IKEA to turn into a greenhouse?’

What I found was this display cabinet from IKEA, KLINGSBO for £100. I didn’t want to spend that much on a greenhouse but someone was selling one locally on Gumtree for £40! it had to be done!

KLINGSBO display cabinet from IKEA, RRP £100
KLINGSBO display cabinet from IKEA, RRP £100


Picked it up from the seller and it’s perfect – powder coated metal frame so should withstand the elements, glass panels are thick and heavy, perfect size and within budget. All that needed to be done was seal the edges between the glass and metal with transparent all-weather grade silicone to make it waterproof and stop drafts.

So far, so good. I’ve got a few chilli plants growing in there, started off a few sunflowers which has outgrown the greenhouse, and fingers crossed the basil seeds will sprout soon. It’s quite warm in my hacked greenhouse, especially after sealing the edges. A little bit too warm as my sweet peas have wilted but the foxgloves and sunflowers love it in there.

Hacked - KLINGSBO is now a mini greenhouse
Hacked – KLINGSBO is now a mini greenhouse

That’s my first attempt in IKEA Hacking and I’m sure there will be more similar projects in the next few months. The problem I’ve created to myself now, I now search for IKEA furniture on Gumtree and think of ways to hack it! I can’t look at any IKEA furniture, or any second hand items, and think of a way to hack it.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Go on, search Gumtree, search IKEA hack in Google or visit ikeahackers.net after reading this post.

But don’t blame me on spending money on second hand IKEA furniture, paint, adhesive and other tools! Have fun!


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