Step two – Studio!

It’s a bank holiday weekend and guess what we’re doing? More DIY!

Since moving into our new house in January, all we seem to be doing on weekends is DIY. It’s either painting, putting pictures up on the wall, fix things, you know typical house stuff to make it our own. We are nearly there, just need to sort out the garden ready for the summer and most importantly, finish off decorating the studio!

We’ve had to repaint the main feature wall – we thought we would be super efficient and paint it while waiting for paint in other rooms to dry out. While in a crazy shopping spree in a DIY store, I accidentally picked up red matt emulsion instead of silk emulsion, painted onto a wall previously painted in cream silk and the finish looks rubbish.

Empty studio but not for long!
Empty studio but not for long!

I should have known that you can’t paint matt emulsion onto silk – the paint has now cracked and not up to my decor standards (I can be a bit of a perfectionist). On top of that, a patch of salt deposits (or efflorescence) has appeared as well so this needs to be treated.

So today’s job – sugar soup, sandpaper, paint main walls cream then repaint the feature wall red. I love red but if I had my choice, I would have chosen quite a girly decor for the studio. My husband chose the colour red to match his pride and joy – a framed Wales Football shirt, signed by Craig Bellamy. This is going up in the studio somewhere.

Why did I let my husband chose the decor for the studio? Well, we agreed to have equal balance of feminine and masculine decor in the house. The living room is quite feminine with raspberry pink curtains, lace effect wallpaper, ornaments, floral rug and the down stairs toilet is has been wallpapered in Marvel comic strips. The bedroom has been painted 50 shades of grey…

The studio won’t be exclusive my working place – my husband also needs somewhere to do his voluntary work for the Wales Deaf Rugby Union so there will be cutting mats, glues, ribbon, sewing machine and card alongside rugby ties, trophies and caps.

So, he chose the colour and I get to chose the furniture from IKEA!

It’s quite funny really as it feels like we are going through a ‘nesting’ phase, ready for the arrival of the iMac tomorrow. Finish painting the studio, get a desk and a bookcase from IKEA and set the iMac up.

That’s our plans for today.

Happy Easter!


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