Pinterest & Wedding Planning – a marriage made in digital heaven

Where can I start with Pinterest? All I can say is – I LOVE IT. Pure eye candy on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Easy way to waste time while gawping at pretty pictures.

You hear of people addicted to Candy Crush Saga and escaping to the toilet to have a ‘quick game’ but they land up spending an hour in there. Well, that’s me but with Pinterest, on the sofa with my iPad. There goes my evening!

So what is Pinterest? I’m not entirely sure the best way of explaining it, but it’s like setting up a digital pin board or scrapbook, and ‘pin’ your favourite websites, media or upload your own.

Here’s Pinterest’s statement:

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising things you love.

I can’t remember how I came across Pinterest or what posessed me to sign up, but I do remember downloading the app onto my iPad within days of getting engaged in August 2012. And that was it – wedding planning mode was activated and I couldn’t tear myself away from the site.

It didn’t take me long to start pinning ideas onto my wedding ‘board’ and then it then grew over the following weeks. Next thing you know, I’ve created a different boards for wedding stationery, wedding fashion, wedding ideas, wedding decorations, wedding flowers. So many pins…

So how you can use Pinterest to help with researching ideas for your wedding? Firstly, you need to register or sign in using your Facebook or Twitter login, set your preferences (Weddings) and start searching. You can either search by terms like ‘pink wedding dress’ into the search box or look in one of the ‘Interest’ in the menu like ‘Wedding’. If you like a pin, pin it to your own board and repeat.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll move onto your other interests like ‘Home Decor’, ‘Art’ and ‘Gardening’…

‘Pinning’ is very similar to ‘Like’ a status, pages, picture and videos on Facebook or ‘retweeting’ or ‘favourite’ a tweet on Twitter, but it is a bit more sophisciated. The great thing about Pinterest is you can go back and look at previous ‘Pin’ to read later or show to your friends.

I’ll leave it to the Pinterest experts to explain how to use it

Before you start, there’s a few things you need to know about Pinterest:

Pinterest is data hungry – I’ve used up my 3/4G data allowance on my iPhone and iPad on a few occasions when I’ve been browsing on Pinterest out of home. Best use when on a Wifi network.

Mostly American – at least 80% of pinners are 16 – to 40 year old females living in USA, so expect to see a lot of pins on crazy recipes using cup measures instead of weight and claim to be healthy, Disney (mostly Disney Princesses), pregnancy and babies and home improvements on mansions.

Sometimes it can be annoying (I can’t stand any baby related pins, especially ‘Tips on breastfeeding‘) but it’s a good insight in how the Americans live, especially the stay at home moms that have so much time on their hands. Saying that, they come up with the best ideas for parties and celebrations, especially weddings!

Pinterest is slowly growing in popularity in the UK and Europe, so don’t worry – there’s are good pins there from European pinners. Scandanavian pinners have good sense of style.

There is no such thing as a ‘quick look’ on Pinterest – You log on and suddenly three hours has gone, *poof*. There is so much content and pins in different interests on Pinterest, it’s easy to spend a lot of time searching for farm weddings, bedroom decor, recipes using kale…

Once you have a niche interest you want to find out more about, guaranteed there will be a few hundred pins there. Someone somwhere has thought of a video game theamed wedding.

And this is why it so great for planning for wedding and so much better than wasting money on wedding magazines. If you are stuck for ideas or need inspiration, just browse the Wedding section. If you need ideas on a specific theme or look, you can search for ‘Great Gatsby Wedding’ or ‘Modern Wedding Invites’.

The search results is so much better than searching in Google (and much better presented without the ads) and you enjoy the user experience. Pin all the ideas you’ve fallen in love with and suddenly you’ve created your own bespoke wedding magazine/scrap book.

You can also share boards with your mum, sister, or anyone else who’s helping you planning your wedding by using the share tools or sharing your personal Pinterest web address like

This is how Pinterest helped me with my wedding planning:

Wedding Dress – I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my wedding dress plus I didn’t fancy the idea of travelling around south Wales, visiting numerous bridal shops. I don’t agree  that you have to make an appointment just to enter the shop.

I eventually decided to design my own wedding dress after much persuasion from my mother and used a local dressmaker to make it for me.

What!? Yes, I did and you know what, it wasn’t that expensive and the best thing is no one else has the same wedding dress. While researching ideas and developing  my wedding dress design, I created a board ‘Wedding Fashion‘ and pinned all the styles of wedding dresses I liked and shared this with my dressmaker. This worked well for both of us as the dressmaker could see what style dress I liked and gave me advice if she can make it or not.

Easy peasy!

Wedding Stationery – I decided quite early on that I was going to design my own wedding stationery , use a local printer and assemble and embelish myself. I didn’t know where to start with the design so I went onto Pinterest, did a bit of research on different designs, finishes, layouts etc and of course pinned everything on my ‘Wedding Stationery‘ board.

I shared this board with my printer and they advised me on what they can replicate and print (as well as ideas in costs). It was a steep learning curve but I learnt so much as die cutting, foil, embossing, different folding techniques etc.

I did the same with ‘Wedding Flowers‘ with my florist and ‘Wedding Ideas‘ with my contact at the wedding venue.

So forget about picking up a Wedding magazine next time you’re passing WH Smiths  – get yourself on Pinterest, start pinning and sooner than you know it, you would have created your own bespoke Wedding magazine. And save yourself a few quid!

Great thing about Pinterest is its continuously updated by the pinning community so every day you’ll see something new or different. As majority on pins originate from USA, you’ll see pins of new wedding ideas as well as up and coming trends which will hit the UK in a few months time.

Wedding magazines can be a bit slow to report on new trends and are usually out of date by the time they are printed and on the magazine stands.

So give Pinterest a look if you’re newly engaged and can’t wait to start researching for your wedding, or if you’ve hit the wall and need inspiration. It’s never too late to start looking and pinning on Pinterest.


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