Do’s & Don’t in Pinterest – Tips on Wedding Research

Firstly,  let me apologise for introducing you to Pinterest. You’ve lost many hours looking at the site, lost sleep from ‘pin overload’, your other half is not happy as you’re giving your tablet more attention, and you might have started a few ‘It’s a bad/crazy idea’ discussions about a pin you’ve seen.

I’ve been there, believe me. I never thought a website or an app like this could cause so much stress. It’s Candy Crush Saga all over again…

But isn’t Pinterest great? You’ve setup your own boards, pinning potential wedding ideas and getting really excited about your dream wedding. And a lot cheaper than buying a wedding magazine every month!

Below, I’ve compiled some Do’s and Dont’s in Pinterest for Wedding Research that I’ve learned from my own mistakes and common sense.

Don't bug me - I'm pinning
Don’t bug me – I’m pinning

1. Don’t stick to one ‘Wedding’ board – It’s easy to fall into this trap, especially if you are new to Pinterest. You sign up and create one board, title something like ‘Our Wedding Day‘, and then pin everything wedding related on this board.

Next thing you know, you have 1000+ pins on your wedding board and you cannot find that one pin showing that amazing wedding dress that you want to show to your mum.

Then you start doubting yourself ‘Did I ever pin it? Where did I see it?‘.

Avoid this scenario and create a board for each category in your wedding research.

2. Create a board for each category -Before you start serious pinning, create a board for each category for your wedding research. Here are some suggestions on boards you could create:

  • Wedding Dresses
  • Wedding Accessories
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Wedding Flowers
  • Wedding Decorations
  • Wedding Ideas
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Wedding Favours
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Wedding Hair
  • Minimoon / Honeymoon Ideas

Yikes! There’s is a lot to think about. Don’t worry…

If you haven’t decided on a particular theme or style of your wedding, how about setting up different boards like:

3. Keep your pins organised – Make sure you pin onto your correct boards. Seems like common sense but it’s easy to stick the wrong pin on the wrong board. In the long run, it will help keeping all your pins organised and become easy for you to reference back when discussing ideas with your other half, family and suppliers.

4. Do upload or create your own pins – Help keep the wedding category ‘fresh’ on Pinterest and pin anything you find online onto your chosen boards. It could be anything for example if you see a vase on IKEA website that could be used as a table decoration or for flowers, pin it. A statement pair of shoes from – pin it. You don’t need to have your own own to support your pin. A direct pin from another website is fine. I think a lot of my pins originated from Don’t be shy!

5. Sharing your Boards and Pins – this isn’t a Do or a Don’t, and I can’t advise anyone that you HAVE to share everything online.

If sharing is not your thing or don’t want anyone finding out about your dream wedding, that’s fine. Some friends can become stalkers easily and could follow your every move on Pinterest. Just remember to set your profile to private and make your boards secret. And no one needs to know about your dream Lego themed wedding.

But if you are planning on sharing your pins and boards, you will need to ensure your profile is public and your boards are not secret.

If you planning to tell everyone and their dog about Pinterest, here’s a few things to consider:

1. Don’t link up your Pinterest profile with Facebook and Twitter – it’s a personal choice but it’s not something I would recommend. Just think – every time you pin, that pin will appear not only on your Facebook and Twitter profile, but in other friends’ newsfeed/timeline.

Not everyone will be interested about your wedding ideas (especially those who aren’t invited) so don’t select this option. You’ll only land up getting ‘Unfriend’ or ‘Unfollowed’ thank to your 20 pins on vampire themed wedding.

2. Don’t force Pinterest on anyone – Pinterest is not as well known and well used as Facebook and Twitter in the UK yet, so you may need to explain to your friends, family and suppliers what it is before you give them the website address to your profile.

Gauge their response and then decide if this a format they would be interested in and engage with. Don’t forget to mention that they do not need to register with Pinterest to view your boards and pins.

If you are fortunate to have friends, family and suppliers that are willing to look at your Pinterest, it can help ensure that everyone involved in your wedding planning is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ and understand what you wanted to achieve. Also, it saves on having those awkward conversations like ‘I don’t like puffy shoulder pads on my wedding dress‘ or ‘It’s a Halloween themed wedding, not Vintage‘.

I was very lucky to have a few suppliers that were more than happy to discover more about Pinterest and keen to see my boards. I shared my dedicated boards with them for example ‘Wedding Flowers‘ board with my florist, ‘Wedding Stationery‘ with my printer and ‘Wedding Fashion‘ with my dressmaker. They could see my ideas and understand what I wanted achieve for my ‘Classic / Timeless’ themed wedding, and made the client/supplier relationship great.

And most importantly, made wedding planning enjoyable and not a chore.

6. Don’t try have every pinned idea in your wedding –  There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of great ideas on Pinterest. Some are questionable, some might look cheap and nasty, some quite expensive, some might not even work in the UK, but some are just pure genius and need to be featured in your wedding.

There is a danger of trying to recreate each every pinned idea for wedding and it could become too much or just plain OTT (over the top).

Remember these few points when shortlisting your pins:

  1. Budget – can you afford it? If you can, will your guests appreciate it?
  2. Time  – have you got enough time to make the vintage bunting? Can you set up all of your ideas ready the night before or day of the wedding? Some venues may not give you access to until the morning of the wedding.
  3. Less is more –  Do you really need a pick’n’mix sweet stand, ice cream trolley, photobooth, wish tree, finger print guest book, ice sculpture, brass band, croquet on the lawn, sparklers AND fireworks?
  4. Wedding theme – is it true to the theme of your wedding? What does vintage bird cages have anything to do with a beach themed wedding?

7. Do  limit how much time you spend on Pinterest – you can spend hours on the site researching and pinning, and forget that you have other responsibilities like giving the person you’re going to marry some attention, have a shower, make food. I’m not kidding, Pinterest can be just as addictive as playing Candy Crush Saga.

Hope you find this blog useful as you’re getting to grips with Pinterest. Happy pinning!


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