Holiday Destination Sign Post – Weekend Project

We all love Bank holiday weekends, especially if you don’t have to work. Bank holiday weekends means to things to the UK population – either a three day weekend to catch up with friends & family, eat good food and not feel guilty to open a bottle of something alcoholic at 3pm. Or a weekend of home improvements.

As the weatherman forecasted good weather for the bank holiday weekend, we decided to finish off the last DIY project in our home. We finished off all the little jobs in the garden, so we can finally think about having a BBQ for the next sunny weekend. Yay! We rolled out artificial grass and glued into place (bye bye crazy paving!) and it looks fab next to painted path. It has transformed our little 6m x 5m concrete jungle to a bright little sun trap. Together with my mini greenhouse and new garden furniture, we have truly created a little piece of heaven in our home.

Before we painted a path and rolled out the artificial grass
Before we painted a path and rolled out the artificial grass
After - Artificial grass and garden furniture in place
After – Artificial grass and garden furniture in place

We only have a few finishing touches left for the garden – some solar lights, a few pots with fuchsias, foxgloves and, fingers crossed, a few sunflowers and chilli plants. However, I wanted to make a decoration for the garden…

For our wedding last year, I needed to have a few wedding signs to place on key road junctions to direct guests to the wedding venue. I didn’t want to spend money and pay someone to make these for me, so I decided to make my own. I asked my uncle to keep a few offcuts of wood for the signs and posts to stick into the ground, screwed them together to make a T and painted them using leftover cream Cuprinol Shades Garden paint and Plastikote enamel paint.

I made about 8 signs altogether and here’s the finished item:

Painted wooden wedding sign
Painted wooden wedding sign

After the wedding, I no longer had any other use for these signs and they were taking up space in my parent’s garage. I didn’t want to throw them away so I took them apart, sanded down the enamel black and purple paint and gave them a fresh coat of cream paint.

Don’t worry – I kept one sign as a memento from the wedding day!

I remember pinning a few signs while doing research for our wedding, so I went through my boards and found this previous pin:

Outdoor Romance Wedding Sign

I love the idea of creating a sign of every destination we’ve visited, with the number of miles and direction from Cardiff. This pinned sign is a bit too simple for me, so I decided to do some research and paint each sign in a style that matched each destination.

Painted wooden signs and ready for the garden
Painted wooden signs and ready for the garden
  • Aberaeron – Based on the Harbourmaster bar, restaurant and guesthouse Georgian decor.
  • Amsterdam – Font inspired by Van Gogh signature and the Dutch Royal colour, orange.
  • London – London 2012 Olympic Games font in Union Jack flag colours
  • Varadero – Cuban flag with the stencil/army style font
  • Bath – Blue with white Roman font, inspired by the spas
  • Barcelona – Catalonia colours and style, instead of Spain’s red and yellow
  • Sidmouth – green fields with the iconic donkey outline, based on the Donkey Sanctuary
  • Chester  – Black and white, inspired by Chester’s architecture
  • Sorrento – old off white and blue, inspired by the road signs of Italy
  • Barmouth – classic red with white script font
  • Edinburgh – Navy with white classic Scottish font with a thistle
  • Saunton Sands – A great beach destination and I nearly gave it a surfer theme but decided not to. I chose a funky font but painted it pink and raspberry for our minimoon destination
  • New York – the ‘I Heart NY’ is so iconic and I had to do something similar for this sign.
  • Cancun – Mexico is so colourful, especially the sugar skulls as seen in tourist shops and Day of the Dead. Matched with a fiesta style font

I used Dulux Created by Me Gloss paint for this project. I came across these paints after looking for an alternative to Plastikote Enamel Paint. I finished off the signs with a thin coat of yacht varnish, just to give them extra protection in the British weather.

Painting in the studio
Painting in the studio

I screwed all the signs onto a wooden post (formally a For Sale sign that our estate agent never reclaimed!) and placed the bottom of the post in a old paint bucket and filled with quick set cement to weigh it down.

And here’s the finished item:

Holiday Destination Sign Post for the garden
Holiday Destination Sign Post for the garden

A sure conversation starter when we have friends over for the BBQ season!

We didn’t spent all weekend doing DIY – we managed to finish our jobs earlier than planned manage to do a bit of socialising, a bit of drinking, prepared a roast chicken and salad buffet for family, a doggy date and sitting the sun.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend!


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