Manylion Bach | Little Details Design is on Pinterest!

How are you getting along with Pinterest after I introduced you to this lovely platform last month? Pinned some pins? Created some boards? Got some great ideas for your special occasion yet?

This is my last in a series of three posts about Pinterest, following ‘Pinterest & Wedding Planning‘ and ‘Do’s & Don’ts in Pinterest‘. This week, I have been busy setting up a Manylion Bach | Little Details Design profile on Pinterest.

I decided to create a separate account for MB | LD Design on Pinterest last week, as my board on Wedding Stationery on my personal account is getting slightly out of control, with over 500 pins and a mixture of different styles and themes. Also, I didn’t want to direct you and my potential clients to my  own personal account which have random boards on Cakes, Exercises, Fashion and other stuff.

A lot of my spare time this week has gone into setting up my new Pinterest profile – migrating pins from my personal account to the business account, setting up boards on every theme and style wedding I can think of, a few other special occasion boards and adding pins! It took a lot longer than I anticipated but I got there in the end. I wanted to ensure the new account had plenty of content and boards before I start publicising it.

So here it is: Manylion Bach | Little Details Design is on Pinterest with 50+ boards and 1000+ pins!

Manylion Bach | Little Details Design now on Pinterest!
Manylion Bach | Little Details Design now on Pinterest!

So have a look around my freshly pinned site of all of my favourite special occasion stationery and I hope it will give you some great ideas and inspiration.

If you have any suggestions or idea for a new board for Pinterest,  please let me know via Twitter or leave a comment below. I’ve tried to think of every theme and style possible for wedding stationery, but I might have forgotten something.

In addition to wedding stationery, I also set up boards for other occasions like Valentine’s Day, St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Summer, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Baby Shower, New House, Get Well, Thank You’s, Birthdays etc. After all, I love coming up with ideas and designing stationery for all special occasions, not just weddings.



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