Just Do It – Ok I will! Here’s my Business Card

I’ve finally plucked up courage to share my new sideline news with a few close friends and introducing them to my blog, Twitter and giving out my business cards in the last two weeks.

Why have I been shy about it? Well, erm…here goes…

I’m afraid. There, I’ve said it.

I’m afraid that MB|LD will become a failure through lack of interest, unable to make it profitable or don’t have enough hours in the week to sustain a sideline.

I’m afraid the current market is already saturated with bespoke/custom designed wedding stationery and there’s too much competition against companies like Vistaprint.co.uk to create custom stationery.

I’m afraid of getting into debt.

But it won’t – of all the research, planning and risk assessing I’m currently doing for MB|LD, it can’t fail. I will identify potential hurdles and find away around them. I have found one or two potential gaps in the market. I have a few product ideas. I can help a few friends and potential new clients with their stationery requirements.

Phew that’s better. But there’s still one thought I can’t shake off – I’m afraid of receiving negative feedback. I can deal with constructive feedback or anything I should be made aware or consider when setting up a business. Knowledge is power, especially from those who have set up their own business or are self employed.

I’m not sure how I will react if anyone says ‘You can’t do that‘, ‘What about your job‘, ‘It will never work‘.

Luckily, I haven’t received anything like this yet but it’s only matter of time someone will say something sarcastic or negative about my sideline. I’ll just have to be prepared with a good answer back and put them into place when they do. They’ll be sorry!

I am slightly overwhelmed with the support and words of encouragement I have received so far from friends and family. Dad was the first to say last year, before I got married and even thought about MB|LD, that I should start up a sideline in wedding stationery. He was very impressed with the wedding stationery I designed for our wedding and kept costs down. When I broke the news to my parents about my new sideline, they were very happy. Mum has already requested for business cards so she can have some on standby and give out to friends in west Wales.

This is one of the reason I got a batch of these printed earlier this month!

Tah dah! Manylion Bach | Little Details Design Business Cards are here! Have you got yours?
Tah dah! Manylion Bach | Little Details Design Business Cards are here! Have you got yours?

I haven’t had an opportunity to speak to all of my friends yet about my sideline yet, and it’s not something I want to announce on Facebook either. But for those who have been fortunate to hear about my latest news over a cocktail or at the receiving end of my long emails – thank you for your words of encouragement and support. I can’t get over how much faith you have in me and believe I can turn MB|LD into something more.

Just Do It‘ sums up all the positive words of encouragement I’ve received this month!

Lastly, my husband has been more than supportive – sharing the news before I’ve had the opportunity to do it myself. He’s as keen as my mother with my business cards. He’s already got himself a batch of my business cards on standby, ready to give out to his colleagues and anyone he bumps into. He knows a lot of people in Cardiff. Lot!

There are two lessons I have learn’t in the last few weeks:

1. I’m not alone – there’s plenty of support available from social enterprises like Business Wales.

2. I’m not alone again – family and friends are the best support network. Not to be afraid to share good news and ask for support.

3. I need to stop holding myself back and more positive thinking. I can do it, I can do it, Yes I can!


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