Mumentrepeneurs & more business ideas

There is something about my favourite salon in Cardiff – Last time I was there, I had my ‘lightbulb moment‘ with my hairdresser on setting up Manylion Bach | Little Details Design.

I was there again on Saturday, having some girly time with my ‘bestie’ and by end of the day I came up with a crazy business idea and turn her into a ‘mumentrepeneur’.

I’m sure the salon put something in my tea.

Sophy is one of my nearest and dearest friends from University and she came down to Cardiff for the day for a catch up and treat ourselves to a pedicure. We love getting our feet done! She’s also a mum to a very active 18 month old girl and was in desperate need in some adult company and conversation.

While waiting for our nail polish on our toes to dry in our foam flip flops, we shared our news – Sophy is pregnant with baby no 2 (yay!) and I was telling her all about MB|LD, my ‘back-up plan’.

‘I would like to do set up my own little sideline, but I’m not sure if I can do it’ she said.

The same exact thoughts I had a few weeks ago. We discussed the same exact worries and concerns I had about setting up a sideline and how other people ‘do it’. Having a good business idea, finding gaps in the market, confidence, investment, paperwork, finding support, able to pay a yourself a wage… by this stage, I think I lost Sophy to all the business lingo and went for lunch.

I didn’t push the idea of setting up a sideline onto her as I know she’s already busy between teaching art part time at her local secondary school and running around her little girl. With another baby on the way, starting up a sideline is the last thing she wants to think about.

But we both have something in common – money worries. Like most women who are planning to start a family or already have young children, the thought of reducing working hours or give up work after maternity leave is scary. No more disposable income to spend on nights out, pedicures and shopping trips. Spending your entire monthly salary on childcare. Negotiating part time hours with your employer. These are worries that keep you awake at night.

The only option for many women is to return to work part time or give up all work all together. There are a few women that would be more than happy to start at home with their children, but I know I would go stir mad crazy. Not from ‘baby-brain’ or boredom, but the thought of having on relying on my husband’s wage to pay all the bills. I’ve been working and earning money since I was 14, how can I give up work and not earn any money?

There are some women out there who are proud and want to be able to continue making their own money or contribute towards the household income after having children (and not develop ‘baby-brain’). Sophy is one of these women, and I’m sure I’ll be one of them too.

So, what do they do? Become a ‘mumentrepeneur’. A what now?

What is a ‘mumentrepeneur’?

A Mumentrepreneur is a woman who has started her own business and juggles being a full time mum at the same time.

Definition from

Could Sophy be a ‘mumentrepeneur’?

After lunch, we were discussing baby gift ideas and how Sophy’s sister made her a nappy cake when her daughter was born.

‘There’s your idea for a sideline – nappycakes*!’ – I said. ‘You CAN be a mumentrepeneur’.

From there, we discussed a business idea for Sophy and her sister to earn some extra cash while bringing up two children. I could help with the marketing and setting up a website and Sophy and her sister can make the nappycakes. The conversation continued by iMessage in the evening. It’s amazing how many ideas you can come up with after a few glasses of prosecco on the sofa.

By Sunday morning, my head was a bit sore. It wasn’t from the prosecco I shared with my husband – my mind was in overdrive thinking about a business idea, marketing, logistics etc for making and selling nappycakes in South Wales and South West England. One thing left to do was market research into nappycakes and see if someone had already thought of our idea.

‘Let’s aim for 2015’ was Sophy’s last iMessage.

I can’t agree more. I need to concentrate on getting MB|LD up and running, and Sophy needs to keep her energy for cooking baby no 2. But I’m secretly pleased that she hasn’t dismissed the idea about setting up a sideline, regardless if it’s nappycakes or cake decorating.

For further reading on Mumentrepeneurs and finding that correct Work-Life balance, I would recommend that you read ‘Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table‘ by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, founders of The authors discuss this openly and honestly about setting up a sideline/business while raising children. Part of the inspiration for today’s post.

*If you’re not sure what a nappycake is, search for it in Google or in Pinterest. I can reassure you, it not dirty or filthy.




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