Holiday Destination Signs for the Home – Custom Order

Who’s going on holiday soon? Is your passport full of exciting and exotic destinations? How about a feature for your home to remind you of all the holiday destinations you’ve visited?

A few weeks ago, I completed a weekend project, Holiday Destinations Sign Post for our garden and it has been admired by our recent visitors. After publishing a blog post on this project and uploading a few photos up on Manylion Bach | Little Details Design Facebook Page, I received a request from a friend to make one for his parents as a gift.

This request came to be as a bit of a shock as I haven’t planned to make these to order as part of MB|LD products, however I couldn’t turn down the job. Who knows, my holiday destination signs might become a popular custom product to make and sell.

These are the destinations my client requested for his holiday destination signs:

  • Llanharan
  • Adelaide
  • Bali
  • Corfu
  • Kalymnos
  • Majorca
  • Playa Blanca

The miles to destination were calculated from Cardiff.

Also, I had one more request from the client – can I make it so it can be hung on a wall, inside this parent’s home, rather than an outdoor feature like my own. Not a problem – just some minor adaptations to the construction, design and size of the signs.

This job turned out to be more time consuming than I planned – with the first version of the signs, I already had the wood trimmed, shaped and sanded ready for painting. With this order, I had to start from scratch and buy wood, cut and sand to to size as well as invest in some new tools!

I couldn’t ask my uncle to cut and sand offcuts of wood for me again as he’s already busy with his own work. Also I’ll be waiting for weeks to get the wood from him as he lives in west Wales.

I spent a small fortune in DIY stores this month – work bench, mitre saw, palm sander and of course wood!

Softwood and new work bench
Softwood and new work bench

Good job Cardiff has experienced dry and sunny weather over the last few weekends as I can saw and sand the wooden signs in the garden! Not a task I wanted to do in the kitchen and there’s certainly no room in the studio for 2 meter lengths of wood.

Trimming the wood using a mitre saw and new work bench
Trimming the wood using a mitre saw and new work bench

I’m glad I invested into a palm sander – got the sanding job completed a lot faster and save my poor hands and arms from doing it manually with sandpaper and a wooden block.

Wood - trimmed, shaped and sanded
Wood – trimmed, shaped and sanded

Next job – painting! Luckily, I have plenty of paint left over but I had to buy more paint brushes. More expense! As the surface area of the signs are smaller compared to my first project, I needed finer paint brushes for painting the words and add the little details.

Base colour onto the wooden signs
Base colour onto the wooden signs

For font inspiration, I visited and Rather than purchasing and downloading the fonts onto my iMac, I would type in the destination name into the sample text box, view the preview and then do a screengrab or save the image. I then pasted the image into a Word document and printed this document out and used as a reference/guide for when painting.

Painting on the destination names
Painting on the destination names

I did require some inspiration from Google Images and Pinterest to paint the signs so they matched the country/destination. With my own set of destination signs, these were easy to paint as I’d already visited the destination and was inspired with what I saw for example the Harbour Master exterior for the Aberaeron sign.

Fingers crossed that the client’s parents would love the signs and remind them of what they saw during their travels to their holiday destinations!

And here is the finished product:

Tah dah! First custom holiday sign for a client!
Tah dah! First custom holiday sign for a client!

I’m glad the Football World Cup is on at the moment as I’ve been spending the last few evenings painting these signs while my husband has been watching the football! He’s currently a painting widow at the moment!

If you would like something similar for your own home, please drop me an email on with a list of your destinations and for a free quote.

Happy summer!



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