Campervan Bunting for Hedydd – Custom Order

Bunting is not only for little girls and boys’ bedrooms – here’s a set of bunting I made for my teenage cousin, Hedydd, who just loves camper vans and the beach and surf lifestyle.

To be honest, this bunting was not an order – after making bunting for our wedding last year, Hedydd asked if I can make bunting for her bedroom. I finally got around making her bunting this month while working on other bunting orders. Sorry for the long wait Hedydd!

Hedydd didn’t have any requirements for her bunting, only that her bunting reads out her name. She has many hobbies like baking, playing the piano and sewing and there’s plenty of funky fabrics available that suit her. However, as teenagers often change their hobbies I was worried that by the time I had made her bunting, the fabric pattern would have been ‘out of date’ and no longer interested in baking.

She has been a long time fan of the VW campervans and the beach lifestyle and I found the perfect fabric to match this interest. Good old eBay. Rather going for the grly colour themes, I picked a teal/aqua version of the campervan fabric and teamed this up with pink fabric for the letters.

And here it is:

Campervan bunting in pink and teal for Hedydd
Campervan bunting in pink and teal for Hedydd




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