Bunting for an Advertising Agency, Hello Starling – Custom Order

Hmm, maybe there is a gap in the market for customer bunting for businesses – after finishing the bunting for Sioned A Nia, I worked on another set of bunting for Hello Starling, a advertising agency based in Cardiff.

Hello Starling’s requirements were:

  1. Pennants in black fabric
  2. Name to read out ‘Hello Starling’ in their corporate font, ITC Avant Garde Gothic
  3. The ‘e’ in the Hello Starling to feature an outline of a bird/starling
  4. Bunting to be hung in Hello Starling’s reception area or meeting room

This bunting request seemed like a straightforward order with no additional embellishments to create for the end pennants, however it proved to be trickier than I thought!

I didn’t have the font ITC Avant Garde Gothic on my iMac therefore I couldn’t print out the letters and use them as a template. I therefore marked out the letter by eye, keeping within optimum size for letters 3in x 3in for the pennants.

Hello Starling bird silhouette in the letter 'e'
Hello Starling bird silhouette in the letter ‘e’

Also, it took me several attempts to mark out and cut the ‘e’ with the outline of the bird inside but I managed it in the end. Navigating the sewing machine around the outline of the ‘e’ was challenging as well!

Here’s the finished bunting:

Black and white Hello Starling bunting
Black and white Hello Starling bunting

If you would like custom bunting for your business, please do not hesitate to drop me an email on manylionbach@gmail.com

Useful Links:

Hello Starling www.hellostarling.com


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