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Apologies for being quiet for over a week – I’ve been away and enjoying some time off both full time and Manylion Back Little Details Design work to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my husband!

I can’t believe a year has been since I got married! It’s been a busy first year of marriage – most weekends have been taken up with social engagements, we bought a house and went on our delayed honeymoon to New York and Mexico. Also, not forgetting setting up MB|LD.

As paper is the tradition gift to give for a firs wedding anniversary, I decided to make a ‘Date Jar’ for my husband.

I had a little panic about a fortnight ago – I’ve been quite busy between my full time job and working on MB|LD projects, I hadn’t put much thought on what to buy for my husband for our first wedding anniversary. This is quite out of character of me – I usually plan ahead and give myself plenty of time to research and find the best gifts for birthdays, Christmas, engagements and weddings and any other reason a gift is needed.

I’m not sure what happened in the last month or so but our first wedding anniversary snuck up quite quickly!

We booked a weekend away in Bluestone, west Wales for our first wedding anniversary and I honestly thought that would be our gift to ourselves. osh dinner and a spa day as well! But, I was wrong. When my husband announced last week that he’s got a gift for me ready, I panicked and stupidly admitted that I hadn’t got a gift for him. I had a bad wife moment where as my husband was feeling quite smug for himself.

Oh dear!

At this point, I had just over a week to think of something to buy or make for my husband. Cue Google!

The usually suspects like and came up on the search results as well a few wedding blogs such as ‘20 Paper Gift Ideas for your 1st Wedding Anniversary‘, but nothing really grabbed my attention or anything that my husband would love.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great and lovely gift ideas available online but nothing jumped out at me. We have plenty of artwork and slowly running out of free wall space in our home, so a print or another framed photo is out of the window. I’m also against buying anything that collects dust so no ornaments.

Before I reduced myself to buy the ‘safe option’ of a book, DVD or tshirt, I had a look on Pinterest and found a few great and silly ideas as a first wedding anniversary gift.

I love the idea of giving my husband a toilet roll, wrapped up in cellophane, ribbon and a tag ‘Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary’ as a gift as it’s silly and quite childish when it comes to toilet humour. I’ve made one of these for my husband as a joke gift! Well, it is paper after all!

First Wedding Anniversary Joke Gift - Toilet Roll in cellophane. It is paper after all!
First Wedding Anniversary Joke Gift – Toilet Roll in cellophane. It is paper after all!

The other idea I saw on Pinterest was creating a ‘Date Jar’ for my husband. I love this idea as it’s a simple yet personal handmade gift, and it will ensure that we spend some quality time together over the next few months.

Here’s what a Date Jar looks like:

After looking over my diary for the last year, I can’t get over how busy our weekends were with double dates, someone’s birthday, wedding parties or family do’s. The next few months are going to be just as busy with a few weddings, christenings and more celebrations already in our diaries.

I don’t mind being busy and meeting up with friends and family, but sometimes it’s is nice to have a quiet weekend with your husband (and the dog, must not forget the dog!) and go out for the day on a trip or date night. I thought something has to change for our second year of marriage to make sure we spend more quality time together.

Sp for the Date Jar, I designed 6 different cards or categories titled:

  • Joio Bwyta (Something to Eat)
  • Torri Syched (Something to Drink)
  • Amser Diogi (Time to be Lazy)
  • Taith Dirgel (Mystery Trip)
  • Dewis y Gwr (Husband’s Choice)
  • Dewis y Gwraig (Wife’s Choice)

And on the rear of the card, a space to write down the activity and date. Minicards Box Minicards Box

I got these cards printed by, using their mini cards option. Great thing with is you can upload a number of designs to be used on one cards order, so I ordered a pack of 100 minicards with 6 designs i.e 16 cards of each. Minicard box open with my six different designs Minicard box open with my six different designs

To store the cards, rather than use the box supplied by, I bought a square jar from TK Maxx for £3, wrapped up in cellophane and decorated with some ribbons.

Minicards, front and rear
Minicards, front and rear

Before I put the cards into the jar, I wrote down suggestions what we can do as our date night. Date night doesn’t have to be a night out – I’ve written down a mixture of suggestions so there’s some suggestions that we can do at home, go out during the day, some include a date with the dog and a few blank cards so we can be spontaneous on the day.

Date Jar - Minicards in a glass jar
Date Jar – Minicards in a glass jar

On the ‘Joio Bwyta’ cards, I’ve written down suggestions on places to eat such as new restaurants, ice cream parlours and cafes we haven’t visited yet like The Fig Tree in Penarth, Joe’s ice cream Parlour in Roath and Got Beef in Heath.

‘Torri Syched’ have a mixture of pubs, bars, coffee shops and tea rooms we haven’t visited like Coffee #1 in Pontcanna and Pettigrew Tearooms in Bute Park. I’ve tried to list places that are within walking distance, take the dog with us or short train journey. Most importantly, not all suggestions include alcohol – there are a few hot drinks establishments in there!

‘Amser Diogi’ is for stay at home date nights like duvet days, watch all Star Wars films, order a takeaway and play Mario Kart on the Wii.

On ‘Taith Dirgel’, I have a mixture of suggestions for us to go out for the day and to places where we can take the dog with us like Ogmore Beach, walk the Taff Trail or spend day at Margam Park.

With the ‘Dewis y Gwr’ and ‘Dewis y Gwraig’, I’ve left these blank so we can decide on the day what we want to do together. If one of us pulls out ‘Dewis y Gwr’ from the jar, well my husband can decide what we do and with ‘Dewis y Gwraig’ I choose what we do.

There’s 100 suggestions in the jar so more than enough for two years worth of dates! We might decide to pull out two or more in one week, especially if we have a week off work and having a stay cation.

On the morning of our 1st wedding anniversary day, it felt like Christmas Day! My husband spoilt me by getting a gift subscription to Mollie Makes, Pointless board game and few other little treats. He wasn’t sure what to think about my toilet rolls wrapped in cellophane but he loved his Date Jar. He had to tip out all of the cards to see all the suggestions I’ve written down and pleased to see there was a few blank ‘Husband’s Choice’ there as well.

Have a good bank holiday weekend! Last one until Christmas!



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