It’s all so quiet…

Oh dear, two months of silence…no blogs or updates. What has been going on with Manylion Bach | Little Details Design?

Well, I have a little announcement to make…(drumroll please!)

I’m pregnant! Yes, there is a mini me on the way (and fingers crossed, a future crafter or artist) and I’m due in early May 2015.

Our pregnancy announcement - Mum and Dad Coca Cola bottles. Scan photos are so cliche!
Our pregnancy announcement – Mum and Dad Coca Cola bottles. Scan photos are so cliche!

So, I hope this explains why I have been a bit quiet with you all for two months. I’ve been fortunate not to experience any morning sickness, but what hit me the most was the extreme tiredness during the first 12 weeks. I used to get home from work and go straight to bed for a snooze, wake up for my evening meal and then fall asleep on the sofa again. I was a zombie for at least two weeks.

My enthusiasm to do a bit of sewing or wedding stationery design in the evenings disappeared overnight and I was spending my weekends catching up with clothes washing, cleaning the house, walking the dog and more sleeping.

But, I’m getting back on track now and my energy levels are slowing coming back as I’m entering my second trimester. I’m back on track with current wedding stationery orders and I have plenty of bunting orders to catch up on, ready for Christmas.

In the last fortnight, I have been working and completed a few wedding stationery orders which I cannot wait to share with you. Watch this space for blog posts on my recent wedding stationery orders! Also, I have prepared a review on the Handmade Fair I attended in London back in September.

There are some changes going on with MB | LD Design in the next few months which I wanted to share with you all:

  1. I have decided not to take any more orders on the painted holiday signs until further notice. As the paint I used is solvent based, it is not safe for me to paint with these while I’m pregnant.
  2. I will be accepting orders for wedding stationery up until Saturday 31st January 2015, for delivery in February and March 2015. I won’t be able to accept or fulfil new orders between 1st February until Autumn 2015.
  3. I hope to start accepting new wedding stationery orders from Autumn 2015 for deliveries in early January 2016, however this is to be confirmed. It all depends how busy I’ll be with my mini me. Updates will be on my Facebook and Twitter page.
  4. Feel free to email me on for any wedding ideas in the mean time – I will try reply back when I have a quiet moment with my mini me!

I promise that I won’t post too many pregnancy or baby related posts here as I know not everyone is interested or wants to know about babies. I won’t post about the nitty gritty stuff about being pregnant and looking after a baby (too much information) but I will post about any sewing, craft and upcycling projects with you, if I have time that is.

Have a good weekend!


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