Open for Business after an extended maternity leave

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since my last blog post – how embarrassing!  A lot has happened since then – I’m now a mummy to a busy toddler and I have returned to my full time job since May 2016.

And I’ve finally sat down and started doing a much needed spring clean to Manylion Bach | Little Details Design – the blog, social media and review my business plan. Eek!

It was around three years ago (yes three years) that I did my first blog post on MB|LD. I managed to keep it active for a seven months with plenty of bunting and wedding stationery orders coming in but unfortunately, I had to close it down temporarily due to pregnancy and settling in my new role as a mum.

I stupidly thought I could reopen MB|LD while I was on maternity leave (ha!) but it was impossible to get my hands free for more than an hour to do anything on my laptop or sewing machine without someone wanting my attention.

Needles, scissors and laptops do not mix well with a baby!

However, I did managed to make a few sets of bunting in the last two years in the evenings or when my daughter was having her nap, so the motivation and drive to continue sewing and crafting is still there. I’ll share these with you soon, I promise!

I’m pleased to announce that MB|LD is back open for business for custom bunting orders only. With my current work/life balance, this the only service I can offer for the next few months until I decide how I’m going to develop MB|LD in my spare time.

I had to review my original business plan and I don’t think I can offer a custom stationery design service as well as bunting. I either need to stick with sewing or graphic design, and sewing is my preferred method of working.

So, if you would like to order custom bunting as a gift or for yourself, please get in touch with me today by emailing Looking forwards hearing from you.



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