Loosing your .com, gaining a .cymru

Epic fail – I’ve lost my .com address and it’s my fault. I ignored all the emails from WordPress last year to remind me to renew my website address and I didn’t take notice.

To be honest, I didn’t think anyone else in the world would want www.manylionbach.com, but I was wrong…

…Someone in Asia has got www.manylionbach.com domain and I don’t understand the text that’s on it. The text looks Korean or Taiwanese but let’s run it through Google Translate to see the results.


A website displaying information on how to attend a funeral! Argh! Ah well, at least it’s not a porn website.


Think it’s about time to sort out the website and do some work ‘under the bonnet’ to get things working and visitors able to find my website. My task for this weekend when I’m not cutting fabric and sewing.

I’ve just registered www.manylionbach.cymru today and it is now my main website address for Manylion Bach!

Wales received it’s own domain in Autumn 2014, after years of campaigning. Welsh businesses can now register and use a .cymru or/and .wales domain for their website. Hwre!

So, it only makes sense for me to register a .cymru for my website instead of opting for a .co.uk domain.

As for the .com address, well there’s nothing much I can do about until the domain expires and becomes available to buy again. I’ve set up an alert with a domain supplier to let me know when it is available again, so just a matter of sitting and waiting now for that email! That’s one email I’m not going to ignore.

So, if you have purchased a website address or have received a free one via WordPress and it’s due to expire – Don’t ignore those emails! Renew before someone else claims the website address.

To find out more about the .cymru / .wales domain, visit one of the following links:

www.ourhomeonline.wales / www.eincartrefarlein.cymru




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