New fonts please! Time to ditch the stencils

After looking through photos of my bunting creations in the last three years, the letters I’ve been cutting out of felt are looking a bit ‘samey’, simple and square, as I’ve been using Helix stencils to mark and cut out letters.

Time to ditch the stencils and use different fonts for custom bunting orders.

I started using stencils a few years ago when I was making bunting for personal projects. My thinking at the time was it was fast and easy to mark out using a stencil, rather than drawing out letters by hand. I didn’t think at the time about printing out letter in different fonts via computer.

Helix stencils – I’ve been using these for over 3 years. Time to move on to new fonts

I’ve done a few bunting sets with letters with some enhancements to the letters, like adding a serif, making them looking a bit rounder or fatter etc but I’ve based the letter shape from the stencil.

And I’ve never been satisfied with the B’s, D’s, M’s, R’s and the W’s from the stencil.

While I’m in the process of rebooting Manylion Bach | Little Details Design, I’ve been looking at reviewing my bunting style, and one area I wanted to improve was the use of fonts for the names and greetings on the bunting.

Researching fonts on the computer


I’ve been looking at different fonts on my computer last weekend (during naptime of course) and found a few fonts that might be suitable to use as a template for my bunting.

There’s are a few that look suitable but I won’t know until I’ve cut out the paper templates, pin onto and cut out of felt then stitch onto cotton by hand or by machine.

Cutting out letters on the Gill Sans and Felt Tip Marker style font


One of my recent orders, the client requested to have the letters on the bunting in the Gill Sans font (same as the London Underground font -classy) so it would match their business brand. I printed out the business name onto paper, cut out the letters, pinned and cut out from felt.

Time to use the scissors for precision

After working on this order, I thought ‘Why not do this for future orders instead of using stencils?’. So here we are – trialling out new fonts for research and development and eventually create a suite of fonts for customers to choose from.


Blue Felt Letters – looking good!

Here’s a peek of the Felt Tip Marker pen style font I’ve been cutting out for a trial run. Looks so much better than the Helix stencils, don’t you think?

Blue felt letters pinned onto cotton, ready to be hand stitched


Hopefully by the summer, I have selected a range of fonts for you, the customer, to pick when ordering your custom bunting. Watch this space for a font update.

Just to note, I will not be cutting any letters out using the Comic Sans font. One, it’s too thin but secondly, it’s a terrible, terrible font and should be banned!


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