Purple Star & Yellow Bunting for St Aubin’s Baby Nursery – Personal Project

This is personal project which I’ve been working on in April – Purple & White Star bunting with yellow end pennants for St Aubin’s Baby Nursery in Cardiff.

I can’t believe my daughter has been going to baby nursery for over a year this month and she’s had a blast there. She’s come back with so many paintings and crafty bits, funny stories from nursery staff and has grown to become quite a character.

As she’s turned two this month, it’s also time for her to move onto St Aubin’s Toddler nursery to join her older friends and make new ones too.

I wanted to give the nursery staff a Thank You gift for looking after her for over a year, but I didn’t want to give them chocolate or a case of wine either. So I thought I would make bunting for the nursery instead.

Purple and White Star print fabric with Yellow felt letters for St Aubin’s Nursery

So my requirements for this bunting was:

  1. Match St Aubin’s Brand colours – Purple and Yellow
  2. Feature St Aubin’s logo – tree with two children sitting underneath the trees
  3. Letters to be the same font as used in the nursery’s brand – Gill Sans font, same as the London Underground font.
  4. Finish the project by early May, so I can give it to St Aubin’s Baby Nursery on my daughter’s last day at the nursery.
Felt tree embellishment with red buttons as apples – End Pennants for Bunting

Ok, I admit – there;s no two children sitting underneath my felt trees but there was no room on the pennant. I hope the nursery staff don’t mind!

But I’m very pleased with how this set of bunting turned out and glad I’ve moved away from using my Helix stencils and printed out letter templates instead. Looks so much more unique and special using a different font.

The verdict?

The nursery supervisor loved the bunting and she put it up in one of the nursery play rooms before my daughter’s last day in nursery for me to see. I even got an bunting enquiry form one of the nursery assistants. Pleased they loved it.

If you would like custom bunting for your business or company, please drop me an email to manylionbach@gmail.com for a free quote.



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